Whenever I go home, I always pass by a little restaurant in our subdivision. The latter intrigues me because whenever I pass, they have lots of customers. So one day, me and my sister tried what this restaurant, Pizza Streat, has to offer.

Pizza Streat is a small restaurant in De Castro Avenue, Pasig City. They offer wide variety of dishes from pizza, burger, pasta, dessert, sandwich,drinks for the day, nachos, s’mores dip and fries that will not hurt ones pocket.

We ordered meaty overload for pizza, tuna carbonara, grilled tomato and cheese, honey lemon ice tea, nachos and s’mores dip.

Meaty Overload, PhP169 (USD 3.60)

Pizza is thin crust, cheesy and has juicy sausage and pepperoni. The cheesiness over powers the meat and as a cheese lover that is perfect for me. 

Grilled Hungarian Sausage, PhP 75 (USD 1.60)
The grilled hungarian sausage is juicy with smokey and spicy flavor. The chopped tomatoes and cucumber gave the sandwich some texture. Surprisingly, the cucumber and tomatoes compliments the sausage.

Tuna Carbonara, PhP 129 (USD 2.75)

The pasta is cooked perfectly and the sauce is creamy and cheesy. The tuna mixed with the sauce, on the other hand, tastes like century tuna original flavor.

Nachos, PhP 129 (USD 2.75)

They serve lots of nacho chip but the topping is minimal. I hardly taste the meat, tomatoes and cucumber which made this dish taste plain.

Grilled Tomato Sandwich, PhP 49 (USD 1.04)

This is new to me so we grab the opportunity to taste it. The toasted bread, grilled tomatoes and cheese fits perfectly together. I always want my sandwich to have meat on it but the richness of the tomatoes’ taste and the cheesiness of the sandwich  made me forget that it does not have meat on it
S’mores Dip, PhP 129 (USD 1.04)

The s’mores dip is a combination of Nuttela and marshmallow with graham crackers. The sweetness of marshmallow overcomes the chocolaty taste of Nutella. If you have a sweet tooth, you would love this one so much!

Over all for me Pizza Streat offers good food, that will satisfy your taste buds and won’t hurt your budget.

You can also try Pizza Streat’s dishes on their branches at:

205 Ipil Street, Saint Joseph Village, Cainta, Rizal
Monday-Sunday 2:00 PM- 11:00 PM
De Castro Avenue, Sta. Lucia, Pasig City
Monday-Sunday 2:00 PM- 11:00 PM
MRT Central Signal, Taguig City

and check their Social Media accounts:



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