Quick Bites: Big B

Last Saturday, me and my Mom went to Sta. Mesa to pick up my Aunt, I was craving for burgers that day but don’t want to eat the usual burger offered by fast food chains that I can always eat when and wherever I am in Manila. Lucky me, we pass by Big B Burgers in Sta. Mesa, Manila. 

I haven’t heard about Big B Burgers before and I thought that it was just a typical burger chain that offers quick bites or snack, until I saw a picture of  a patty in between waffles. I haven’t tasted such and I don’t know as well if the patty and waffle will complement to each other.

Big B Burgres Menu
I went to the counter and check their menu. I find the food that they offer something new. Their burgers have 50:50 ingredients on their patties. Their Big B has 50% beef and 50% bacon, Bonnga has 50% beef and 50% longanisa, Baus has 50% beef and 50% sausage and Bam has 50% beef and 50% spam. If you are tired of the usual burger in a bun you can upgrade  your burger to Hangovurger Hupgrade by just adding PhP 70  or USD 1.51. Their choices of fries are new to me as well.  They have the Poutine Ng Ina which is a combination of fries, gravy and mozarella and Takawyaki which is a fusion of fries, takoyaki sauce, crab stick and Japanese mayonnaise. Their drinks have cute names as well, they have Potions (Blue and Pink) with Emotion and Feelings and Manggagayuma.

I ordered Big B Hangovurger Hupgrade, Bongga, Takawyaki and  Blue Potion with Emotion. This meal cost us PhP 450 or 9.72 USD.

Big B Burgers Logo. Try to read it side ways. (photo credit to Big B Burgers twitter account)


While waiting for our orders. I find the place full of “hugot” or pulled out emotion about diet, eating burgers and love. The black and white color of the interior goes hand in hand with the hugot lines that can be seen on every corners of Big B Burgers, I said every corner because even on the condiments  you can read hugot lines. Another thing that I like is their logo. If you flip the burger logo side ways you you can see the letters B.I.G.B + the burger itself = Big B Burger.

Hugot line about burger, diet and love life.

Black and white interior for the total emo feeling.

Do you agree? 

Got our orders after a couple of minutes.

Bongga looks like an ordinary burger with a patty and sunny side up egg in a bun but tastes different compared with the traditional burger. The party is juicy with a bit of sweetness and  garlic taste of the longanisa and an after taste of herbs. The former over powered the beef  but compliments well with the egg. Downside of Bongga are the buns, it is a bit saggy.

Bongga Burger

 The Big B HANGOVURGER HUPGRADE is a bomb! I love the juicy and the saltiness of the bacon and beef patty, the cheesiness of cheese omelet , the floppy on the inside but crispy on the outside waffles and the sweetness of maple syrup that was drizzled on the waffle burger.At first, I thought that this would taste crazy but lo and behold! It is so yummy! It might be weird but I am thinking of morning stuffs while eating it. If you want a heavy breakfast and don’t want to eat rice, this is perfect for you.


 My favorite (so far) dish of Big B is their Takawyaki. I love the fusion of takoyaki and fries. The fries is crunchy, perfectly fried. The sweetness of takoyaki sauce, crab flavor of crab sticks and the cheesy and creaminess of Japanese mayonnaise and the crisp of the fries made this dish a bomb! Eating this feels like eating a potato takoyaki.


Attendants of Big B provides customers a little skit when they serve their potions. What they do is they mix in front of their customers their special potion and water while stating some “hugot” or pulled out emotion lines and it is funny! The potion tastes lemonade.

Blue Potion with Emotion

I enjoyed eating in Big B Burgers. I love how they created the idea of mixing takoyaki and fries, the 50-50 patties and the waffle bun. I enjoyed the skit that the servers did with the potion I ordered. When I pass by Sta. Mesa and crave for Burgers, this place would be my first in mind. 

You can also try Big B Burger’s dish on the following branches:

44B Magiting Street, Teacher’s Village, Quezon City ( Near Ministop, Maginhawa)
Monday-Sunday   11:30 AM-11:00 PM

Lopez Avenue, Los Banos, Laguna

Monday-Sunday   11:30 AM-11:00 PM

K Residences Building Ground, Tolentino Street, Sampaloc, Manila

Monday-Sunday   11:30 AM-11:00 PM

41 A&B Aurora Blvd, Sta. Mesa, Manila

Monday-Sunday   11:30 AM-11:00 PM

and know more on their following social media accounts:



Big B Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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10 thoughts on “Quick Bites: Big B

  1. I had the same reaction when I first ate waffles with chicken.. which is now part of my list of comfort food. I'm not sure where I heard about this establishment but I should pay them a visit one of these days 🙂


  2. I know BigB because it has a branch in Maginhawa! Their 50-50 burgers are such a deal. And I really loved it when they make php50 sale! They're really growing, as they have a new branch in UP Town center


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