Places to Visit in Dumaguete City, Philippines

The word “Dumaguete” is after the Visayan word “Daggit” or to swoop or snatch. They name the city after that because during medieval times, their coast is always attacked by Muslim pirates.

Dumaguete  is the capital of Negros Oriental province. The later is the most populous area of the former and it is the location of  the primary seaport in the province. Even though  Dumaguete  is  a populated area in Negros Oriental, I find tranquil and simplicity in that city. I can walk there just wearing my comfy short,shirt and slippers. You do not need to worry about fashion or “pumorma”when strolling. People are nice and accommodating. This is the reason, I guess, why Dumaguete  is dubbed as “The City of Gentle People.”

I stayed in Dumaguete for two days and I listed some of the places that you can visit while staying in the city.

1. Stroll around Jose Rizal Boulevard

The historic boulevard was named after the Philippine National Hero, Jose Rizal, because it is believe that the hero strolled around this place before going to Dapitan, Dipolog City where he was exiled for four years.

Luscious trees and bench where you can relax, feel and hear the sea breeze and watch the sunset and sunrise.

Sunset view in Jose Rizal Boulevard

The boulevard is a long path with white streetlamps,luscious trees and bench that you can sit in and watch the sunset and sunrise.

Jose Rizal Boulevard at night

As you go through the path you will come across the Saint Paul of Chartres Sisters Monument. The latter is the actual landing place of  seven pioneer sisters of Saint Paul. They went to Dumaguete  to start a mission through the invitation of Bishop Frederick Z. Rooker. They receive a warm welcome and easily built good relationship with the Dumaguetenos. As they began their mission they form Saint Paul Academy. Today, the academy is  known as St. Paul College of Dumaguete.

Saint Paul of Chartres Sisters Monument

On the other side of the boulevard you can take a glimpse of the  famous Siliman Hall of Siliman University.

Jose Rizal Boulevard is dynamic during the night because a lot of commercial establishment are lined up along the boulevard. To top up the boulevard stroll you should not miss to eat “balot” (a developing bird embryo that is boiled and eaten)  and other street foods along the boulevard.

2. Visit the Siliman University Beach

Dumaguete is known as “University Town” because a lot of Universities are situated in the city. Among this is the famous Siliman University. Like the University of the Philippines, Siliman has a wide land area. You need to ride a tricycle (fare costs PHP 8.00 or USD .17) if you want to go to one place to another.

I went first to Siliman Beach. The latter is the home of Institute of Environmental and Marine Science where in you can find the Marine Mammal Life Museum. The museum composes of skeletons, bones and parts of 15 species of  whale and dolphins. It also houses the 2nd biggest collection of Bryde’s whale bones in the world.

Institute of Environmental and Marine Science and Mammal Bone Museum

Whale and dolphins bone collection 

Whale bones 

You can also take a glimpse of artificial reefs which composed of used tires and take a tour on giant clams, grouper and crocodile breeding area.

Artificial Reef

Giant Clam Tank

Grouper and crocodile breeding area

3. Visit Siliman University West Gate

Another tourist attraction in this University is the latter’s west gate or  the “Gate of Knowledge” which was built during 1950s and serve as the University’s main entrance.

Gateway of Knowledge

There are three attractions near the West Gate- Anthropology Museum, Claire Isabel McGuill Luce Auditorium and the Siliman University Church. The nearest to the gate is the Anthropology Museum, unfortunately I wasn’t able get inside the Museum because it was closed.

Anthropology Museum

Across the museum is the statue of Dr. David Sutherland Hibbard, who is the founder of the University.

Dr. David Sutherland Hibbard statue

The largest functioning theater outside Metro Manila is in Siliman University. The theater is  known as  Claire Isabel McGuill Luce Auditorium. It was built during 1973 and was completed in 1975 through the funding of  New York’s Henry Luce Foundation Inc. and the University’s alumni, student, staff and business community.

Claire Isabel McGuill Luce Auditorium

Before I leave the University, I drop by the Siliman University Church. The church was built during 1899 when  American Presbyterian missionaries came in the Philippines.

Siliman University Church

4.  Light a candle at Belfry Tower

Belfry is the oldest tower in the Visayan Region. Dumaguetenos built the tower in 1811 to warn the people of Muslim pirates that raid the province to get slaves. 

Today, you can go to the tower to light a candle and say a little prayer on Mother Mary’s statue located on foot of the tower .

Belfry Tower

5. Pray on St. Catherine of Alexandria Catherdral

Known as Dumaguete Cathedral Church, St. Catherine Cathedral is the Oldest Stone Church in Negros. It was built during 1754 to 1776. The Cathedral was reconstructed and extended overtime.

St. Catherine of Alexandria Catherdral

Before you enter the Cathedral statues of Saints Mathew, Mark, Luke and John in pillars will welcome you and on the church itself are statues of  Saints Paul and Peter. Dumaguetenos visit the Cathedral to ask forgiveness, praise and thank God for the blessings bestowed upon them.

St. Catherine of Alexandria Catherdral

6. Walk along Quezon Park

If you want to relax and have some quiet time you should go to Quezon Park. The park is surrounded with luscious trees and bushes. It  is in the heart of the City and in front of  Dumaguete Cathedral. The park is 1.5 hectares and well maintained. You can also check the statue of Jose Rizal, Maria Clara, old fire truck and stay on the gazebo in the park.

Quezon Park

Maria Clara Statue

Now you might wonder how to go to Dumaguete, here’s how:
From Manila you can ride a plane in Ninoy Aquino International Airport ( you can book your plane ticket in Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific Air). A one way ticket would range from PHP 2,000- 3,000 or USD 42.83-107.08 (depending on the season that you will visit)

From Cebu take a bus in Southbound Terminal going to Lilo-an. From the latter you can ride a ferry going to Sibulan Terminal. Upon reaching Sibulan you can ride either a jeepney or tricycle to stroll around Dumaguete City.

I enjoyed my leisure walk in Dumaguete and would definitely go back to explore more places in the City.

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36 thoughts on “Places to Visit in Dumaguete City, Philippines

  1. Sounds like you had a great visit! This is a nice list of things people can do if they go to Dumaguete City and may even encourage more people to visit. I have always been curious about the Philippines because one of my best friends growing up had family there and she visited every summer. It looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Oh My!! Another huge reason to travel to the Philippines! I have been wanting to head there and explore the cities and the islands AND go and snorkle in Palau while there 🙂 Thanks for more incentive!


  3. Dumaguete City seems so lovely and I love that the people are so kind! A good friend of mine is Filipina and your photos and descriptions are so different from what she describes (jungles and huts, etc), although I suppose there are still parts like that. Regardless, I'd love to visit all cities of the Philippines and will have to add this to my list! :)Sondra


  4. The Philippines amazes me with all the different influences it has. Many don't know for example all the Spanish influence in the Philippines. Great photos! Really


  5. Sound like a small town filled with treasure, each worth exploring. I have never heard of this city before but I can gladly add the belfry tower and the institute of marine svience to my list of dream travel list.


  6. There are so many places that you can go to in Dumaguete! And what I love is that there's a different experience with each one, especially since you're not going to see the same things over and over. What a great way to get to know their city!


  7. A friend of mine is going to Dumaguete for a vacation on January. It looks very interesting. I've heard so much about Silliman University and actually wondering if my kids will ever want to go to university there someday. I wouldn't mind.


  8. Great post, there are a lot of things to love and visit in dumaguete, your visit in dumaguete would not be complete if you havent visit rizal boulevard, quezon park, sans rival, and silliman. if you want to visit dumaguete, try visiting its the ultimate guide when roaming around dumaguete.


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