Yesterday, I went to Tag Media’s BlogEx Manila and came across Town 82K. This is the first time that I heard about the company and the cookies and biscuits that they cater. I was so curious about Town 82K. Luckily Mr. Sau Liang GOH, Business Development Manager of The Cookie Factory, and Jefferson Marcelo, Marketing Specialist of Scanasia Overseas Inc., passionately inform me about The Cookie Factory and their products.

Cookies of Town 82K

According to them Town 82K is  part of The Cookie Factory, TCF, portfolio intended for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).  The Cookie Factory is based at Johor, Malaysia and is one of the prestige manufacturer of  premium cookies and biscuits with 22 years of experience in confectionery manufacturing business.

TCF started in 1898 when their founder, Madam Lee, was baking cookies for her love ones and since the former are delicious people from across Singapore, Johor, Bahur and Kuala Lumpur started to order Madam Lee’s cookies. By 1991, Madam Lee set up Madam Ling’s Homemade Cookies to meet the flourishing demand of her cookies and by 2006 they re-brand Madam Ling’s Homemade Cookies and changed the name to The Cookie Factory. To date their products are exported to Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand and now in our country- Philippines.

TFC is also committed in giving safe and quality products and this can manifest with their strict compliance with GMP,  Good Manufacturing Practice, guidelines and their state of the art facilities and process are certified by HACCP, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, and is accredited by MHO, Ministry of Health Malaysia, to be Export Ready. Malaysia Halal Development Board also certified their biscuits and cookies as Halal products.

Town 82K products have premium packaging. Each of  the four bite size cookies are placed in a plastic container and freshly sealed in a sachet. Four set of sealed cookies are then placed in a box.

Packaging of Town 82K

Town 82K Cookies is composed of two set of cookies, the American Recipe and Vegetarian Cookies. For the American Recipe, this includes the Cranberries Oatmeal Cookies, Wholemeal Raisin, Pecan Nut Chocochips and Chocolate Almond Cookies.

Cranberries Oatmeal Cookies has the sweet smell of berries. It has a sweet, fruity and buttery taste with bits of oatmeal.  A box of Cranberries Oatmeal Cookies, which has 4 sachets or 16 cookies is at PHP 74 or USD 1.54

Pecan Nut Chocochips  Cookies has a chocolaty flavor with bits of pecan nuts. A box of Pecan Nut Chocochips, which has 4 sachets or 16 cookies is at PHP 90 or USD 1.87.

Wholemeal Raisin Cookies
has almond, cashew and raisins. This cookies has a nutty, fruity and buttery taste. A box of Wholemeal Raisin Cookies, which has 4 sachets or 16 cookies  is at PHP 85 or USD 1.77.

Chocolate Almond Cookies  tastes like brownies with almond. A box of Chocolate Almond Cookies, which has 4 sachets or 16 cookies, is at PHP 74 or USD 1.54.

Among the four that I tasted, my favorite is the Cranberries Oatmeal Cookies. I love it’s sweet  and fruity taste and smell.The cookies are bite size but looks prestige like it’s packaging. You can serve this as dessert or welcome treats during parties or treat yourself for some delicious and healthy cookies that are rich in dietary fiber. It also has an affordable price. You can get a box with 16 cookies for about PHP 74 to 90 or USD 1.54 to 1.87.  

To know more about Town 82K  Cookies, you can check their social media accounts at:


Town 82K Cookies are available on the following Supermarket and stores Nationwide:

Robinson’s Supermarket
Metro Gaisano Supermarket
SM Supermarket
Rustan’s Supermarket
Mercury Drugs

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  2. I remember a film I once watched wherein the lead actress gave cookies and milk to the lead actor and she told him that with cookies you can never go wrong. It is true for me. Just seeing the photos, not even know if it tastes really good makes me want to go to the nearest store to buy a pack. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  3. These cookies look so divine. I love dark chocolate, so I guess I will have to try the Dark chocolate almond first. The pecan chocolate chip would be my second choice. Come to think of it, I want to try them all!


  4. Sounds like an awesome brand of cookies. I really like the chocolate almond especially since it's dark chocolate. I would love to try these, perfect for the afternoon with your favorite cup of coffee or tea.


  5. These cookies are interesting! I have never heard about them but seeing that they are vegetarian cookies made me excited! I'm not a vegetarian, my partner is, but I love eating vegetarian food! I'll look for this in the supermarket!xx,


  6. I'm a big big fan of cookies. I already messaged them if they ship to province. I remember asking my sister to go to Mrs. Fields in the wee hours of the night for cookies. It's also one of the food I crave when I was pregnant.


  7. oh my… that Chocolate almond…. these cookies are making me drool… I'm not aware with the brand but they all look so good .. i would love to match them with either hot coffee or choco


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