Town 82k Cookies of The Cookie Factory or TCF, is one of  TFC’s products intended for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).  The Cookie Factory is based at Johor, Malaysia and is one of the prestige manufacturer of  premium cookies and biscuits with 22 years of experience in confectionery manufacturing business.

TCF started in 1898 when their founder, Madam Lee, baked cookies for her love ones and since the former are delectable, people from Singapore, Johor, Bahur and Kuala Lumpur started to order Madam Lee’s cookies. By 1991, Madam Lee put up Madam Ling’s Homemade Cookies to meet the increasing demand of her cookies and by 2006 they re-brand Madam Ling’s Homemade Cookies and changed the name to The Cookie Factory. To date their products are exported to Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand and Philippines.

TFC is also committed in giving safe and quality products and this can manifest with their strict compliance with GMP,  Good Manufacturing Practice, guidelines and their state of the art facilities and process are certified by HACCPHazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, and is accredited byMHO, Ministry of Health Malaysia, to be Export Ready. Malaysia Halal Development Board also certified their biscuits and cookies as Halal products.

Seal of Good Manufacturing Practice and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control

Town 82k Cookies has two variants the American Recipe and the Vegetarian Cookies. On my last article entitled TOWN 82K IS NOW AVAILABLE IN THE PHILIPPINES, I featured the American Recipe cookies of Town 82k. This time, it will be the Vegetarian Cookies. 

Four variants of Vegetarian Cookies

Like the American Recipe, the Vegetarian Cookies has a premium package. Five bite size cookies are placed in a plastic container and freshly sealed inside a sachet. Four sachets of cookies are then placed in a box.

Town 82K’s Vegetarian Cookies Packaging

The Cookie Factory do not use egg in making Vegetarian Cookies. Instead of using the latter they use  vegetable oil as a substitute. Aside from that, Vegetarian Cookies are cholesterol and trans fat free.

Vegetarian Cookies ingredients. 

Vegetarian Cookies are Cholesterol and Trans Fat Free

Town 82k Vegetarian Cookies has four variants- Melting Almond, Crunchy Hazelnut, Nutty Green Peas and Chunky Peanut.

Melting Almond is made from California Almonds. This cookies melts in your mouth, has bits and pieces of almonds and even without butter tastes like it has one. It smells and tastes like peanut butter. Melting Almond is at PHP 96.50 or USD 2.

Crunchy Hazelnut has the strong aroma of hazelnut and like the Melting Almonds, this cookies melts in your mouth. Crunchy Hazelnut tastes like creamy hazelnut with bits of the latter. Crunchy Hazelnut will cost you PHP 96.50 or USD 2.

Nutty Green Peas as per it’s name is made of green peas. Like  other vegetarian cookies, this one melts  in your mouth while the taste of green peas explode on every bite.Nutty Green Peas is at PHP 84.25 or USD 1.74.

Chunky Peanut is made of home made peanut butter and tastes like the creamy variant. Chunky Peanut is at PHP 84.25 or USD 1.74.

Among the two variants of Town 82k cookies, Vegetable cookies are my favorite. I love it’s melt in your mouth cookies and flavors, the strong aroma of the cookies as well and the health benefits that cookies can provide. It also has a prestige packaging that makes sure that every cookies are freshly sealed.

If you want to taste this melt in your mouth cookies you can join our on going GIVE AWAY on Travel Eat Pinas’ Facebook Page. All you need to do is follow this three easy steps:

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Five lucky winners will win 10 cookies and biscuits from Town 82K this October. Winners will be announce every week.

To know more about Town 82K  Cookies, you can check their social media accounts at:



Town 82K Cookies are available on the following Supermarket and stores Nationwide:

Robinson’s Supermarket
Metro Gaisano Supermarket
SM Supermarket
Rustan’s Supermarket
Mercury Drugs

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