Alaska Merry Crémas Food Fest 2016

People from all walks of life went to Trinoma Activity Center, Quezon City last November 6, 2016, to participate in the annual Alaska Merry Crémas Festival and Red Launch of Alaska Milk Corporation.
Alaska Merry Crémas Festival

As soon as Trinoma Mall opened around 11:00 AM that day, food lovers lined up to see and taste for free the dishes and pastries made by over 30 food concessionaires. Upon entering the Activity Center, they were given the list of stalls of food concessionaires that they should visit. They should visit at least 10 to get some special freebies from Alaska Milk Corporation.
Food fanatics signing up as soon as Trinoma Mall opened.
Unique and delectable pastries and dishes like cookies, sushi, barbecue dip and cakes made of  Alaska Créma All Purpose Cream welcomed the food lovers who went to the Festival.
Sushi by Rollyo Sushi Burrito 
Brownies by Batter Up

Cookies by Baker Bub 
Dayap Cupcakes by Claudine’s Treats

Cookies by Cookie House
Organic Purple Corn drizzled with Alaska Créma  All-Purpose Cream

Cupcakes by the Pastry Parlour 
Oreo and Strawberry Cheesecake by Spoonful

Cakes by Sweet Kiss
Cake by Chef Jonts

Cookies by Downtown
Mini Cupcakes by Jusay Bakery

Barbecue by Southern BBQ
Alaska Merry Crémas Festival invited speakers who gave some lectures regarding food photography and cooking tips that can enhance the skills of the food fanatics who went to the Festival.
Activity area where speakers conducted their lecture.

Aside from the Festival, Alaska launched the newest red packaging of Alaska Créma  All-Purpose Cream. It replaced the white packaging and added the well-known child’s face of Alaska Milk Corporation at the front of the packaging. Aside from that the calorie content of Alaska Créma  per servings is indicated at the bottom. To add more life to the usual dishes made in our kitchen, recipes made tastier by Alaska Créma  All-Purpose Cream are posted at the pack of the packaging.

Front of Alaska Alaska Créma All-Purpose Cream packaging 
Side of Alaska Alaska Créma All-Purpose Cream packaging
Side of Alaska Alaska Créma All-Purpose Cream packaging
Back of Alaska Alaska Créma All-Purpose Cream packaging

To know more about the Alaska Créma  All Purpose Cream you can visit the following website and social media accounts:


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