Steveston Pizza, Not Your Ordinary Pizza!

Pizza has always been part of Travel Eat Pinas’ daily adventure. For us, a slice of pizza a day keeps our tummy happy and mind awake. As a pizza lover, we tried different pizza varieties, flavors, make your own and brands but among all the pizza that we have tasted in Manila, our favorite is the pizzas made by Steveston Pizza. 
This is how Travel Eat Pinas can describe Steveston Pizza.
Mr. Richard Go brought Canda’s Steveston Pizza in the Philippines and to date, they have three branches, UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue and Corinthian Garden Park in Quezon City and Circuit  Makati in Makati City,  where you can enjoy the exact pizzas made by Steveston Pizza Canada and according to Mr. Go, they are planning to open more branches soon in the Philippines and in our neighboring countries in Asia.

Mr. Richard Go, owner of Steveston Pizza Philippines.

Cozy ambiance of Steveston Pizza, Corinthian Garden Park, Quezon City.
Steveston Pizza offers 30 different pizza flavors grouped in seven varieties- Signature Premium Pizza, Classic, Marguerite Tree, Elements, Colours, Journey  and All Time Favorite.
Travel Eat Pinas’ favorite belongs to the Colors, Journey, Marguerite Tree and of course the All Time Favorite.

Colors composed of five pizza flavors that are related to their names- Black, Orange, Blue, Pink and Green.



Travel Eat Pinas loved Black Pizza’s thin crust topped with layers of  juicy and tender chicken breast, fig gorgonzola, and arugula julienne with oozing mascarpone mousse on every bite. (PHP 899)


Our tummies were delighted  with Green Pizza’s thin crust with herb pesto butter topped with juicy shrimps, single cream brie, and scallions. (PHP 899)


Journey, on the other hand, are pizzas named after the places where their ingredients are prominent. The journey is composed of nine pizza flavors namely Canadian, Italian, Mexican, French, Hawaiian, Thai, Japanese, Mediterranean and West Coast.



 The strong aroma of nori and wasabi flourished when this pizza was being served and we knew right there and then that this is a Japanese inspired pizza. This pizza has wasabi infused, tender teriyaki chicken breast that makes the pizza a bit sweet along with the Japanese mayonnaise, it also has enoki mushrooms, nori that give some saltiness to the pizza and sesame seed. (PHP  899)

Marguerite Tree

Like the refreshing look that Marguerite Tree can give, the Marguerite Tree Pizza variety of Steveston Pizza can give it’s munchers a refreshing taste from the toppings that each pizza can give. Marguerite Tree Pizza has four flavors- Marguerite Zero,  Marguerite One,  Marguerite Two and  Marguerite Three.


Marguerite Zero

 If you want to munch something light that has refreshing flavor, we suggest that you try Marguerite Zero Pizza. We  loved its thin crust and layers of  roasted garlic, anchovies, caramelized onions, capers, fresh tomatoes, and arugula.    (PHP 499)

 Marguerite Two

Like the Marguerite Zero, we find  Marguerite Two’s thin crust pizza topped with tomatoes, creamy feta, juicy and tender chicken, drizzled with basil and arugula pesto light on our tummy . (PHP 499)

If you have dropped by Steveston Pizza and didn’t try the Caveman Pizza, then you’re missing a lot!



For all you meat lovers out there, this one will really make you jump for joy. Like the other pizzas of Steveston, Caveman has thin crust, no tomato sauce and is topped  with layers and layers and layers of perfectly seasoned bacon, lean beef, capocollo and pepperoni. What is surprising with this pizza is it is not greasy considering all the meat that this one has. (PHP 899)

This is how thick the Caveman Pizza toppings is. Look at those layers of juicy meat!

Steveston Pizza for us is not the ordinary pizza that you can get in the Philippine market. Why? First, it doesn’t use tomato sauce unlike most of the pizza chains in  the country. Second, the toppings are equally divided on every slice, so you don’t need to race for the slice that has a lot of toppings. Third, it is not greasy, which is not common to pizzas that we have purchased before. Fourth, the toppings will make you full because of the layers of ingredients that each pizza has and lastly, every pizza has well-balanced or harmonious flavor. 

You might say that Steveston’s pizza is pricey compared with the other pizzas in the market, we agree to that, but, the harmony of each pizza’s flavor and the thickness of the toppings is worth every peso that you will be paying for it. As per Mr. Go, “Sa Steveston Pizza mabubusog ka sa toppings hindi sa crust!” and we can attest to that.

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