5 Must Have Travel Kits at My Home and Gadgets

The best way to start the first month of the year is to do the things that you love the most and for Travel Eat Pinas the best way to start January is to travel. Exploring different places in the Philippines enables us to be amazed at how beautiful the Philippines is, learn about our folks’ culture and history that lead us to know more about ourselves and the adventures that we can and cannot conquer.

But, before we start Travel Eat Pinas adventure, we need to buy some of our travel necessities first, the more convenient to get our travel stuff, the better.

Luckily while surfing the internet we found  My Home and Gadgets.

My Home and Gadgets (photo from My Home and Gadgets)

My Home and Gadgets is an online store that offers quality and useful gadgets and accessories that have a reasonable price.

There are a lot of gadgets and accessories to choose from My Home and Gadgets, but here is Travel Eat Pinas’ five must have travel kits,

CAR AUTO BASKET, PHP 946.95 (photo from My Home and Gadgets)

Travel Eat Pinas is always on the go.We always create our brain child, our articles, and errands on the road and the perfect way to do the latter is to have a car auto basket that can be use as a shelving plate for our laptop and other gadgets. It also has pockets where we can put some documents that we need for our articles. Aside from that, the car basket will not take too much space in the car because once we are done using it, we can just fold it and place in our bags.

GADGET ORGANIZER BAG, PHP 349.95 (photo from My Home and Gadgets)

We are using a lot of gadgets, from camera to phones and power banks. All of these gadgets comes along with chord, strip, and other accessories and the best way to organize the former and the latter is to have a gadget organizer bag. With a gadget organizer bag, we can put all our gadget’s accessories in one place.

POWER BANK WITH RING HOLDER, PHP 1647.95 (photo from My Home and Gadgets)

A power bank on hand is essential. We rely too much on our mobile phones for everything and that’s the reason why our mobile’s battery won’t last a day. Good thing My Home and Gadgets has a Powerbank that has 9001-1000mAh battery capacity, portable, has ring holder and can be used by all kinds of mobile phone. 

OUTDOOR SPORTS BLUETOOTH SMART WATCH, PHP 549.95 (photo from My Home and Gadgets) 

Answering and making a call, and sending and checking messages is easy when we have a Bluetooth Smart Watch wherever we go. Aside from that, it is easier to check our schedules and errands on our watch calendar. 


CAR PILLOW, PHP 318.95 (photo from My Home and Gadgets) 

Aside from traveling we also love to sleep. The best way to take a rest during a short or long drive is to have a comfortable car pillow where you can strap on the seatbelt and rest your head.

My Home and Gadgets accepts PayPal, credit card and bank transfer as mode of payment. Gadgets ordered from My Home and Gadgets will be delivered for FREE in 27 to 50 days but may be earlier. According to My Home and Gadgets, it is an estimated maximum number of delivery days in case there would be unexpected circumstances.

To know more about My Home and Gadgets you may visit the following website and social media accounts:




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