Blanco Family Museum : Family of Artist in Angono, Rizal

Blanco Family of Angono, Rizal is known as the family of Artist. The head of the family, Jose “Pitok” Blanco, influenced his wife and his seven (7) children to create variety of art work that depicts the life in Angono, memories about their travel, and subjects that interest them.

Portrait of Blanco Family while creating a mural for a church in Valenzuela.

The youngest Blanco, Peter Paul, started his work of art at the age of eleven (11) months. He grew up playing with colors, canvas and brushes at their family studio. He is the youngest artist that exhibited in the Cultural Center of the Philippines and to have a one-man show at the age of nine (9). Peter Paul’s subject are his pets and his discoveries around the world.

Work of art of young Peter Paul.

One of Peter Paul’s painting that is exhibited in the museum.
Gay Blanco is the youngest daughter of Pitok. Contrary to everyone,  Gay learned to draw first before  she could start writing. She was exposed as an Artist during the family exhibit  in Malaysia and Singapore.  In 1983, young Gay won an bronze medal on one of the exhibits that they participated in Hongkong. Gay loves to paint women and children.

A portrait of Peter Paul made by 8 years old Gay.

Maglola was painted by Gay when she was 24 years old.

Mangyan Mother and Child was painted by Gay at the age of 14.

Jan Blanco is the fifth child of Pitok. At a young age, Jan showed interest in painting birds. On his paintings he showed how birds are being domesticated and how some freely roam on the fields of Angono. Aside from birds, he is also active in making work of arts related to social concerns such as poverty and ecological balance.

Birds are one of the favorite subject of Jan. He painted this portrait at the age of 5.

Portrait of Peter Paul along with their chickens. Jan made this portrait at the age of 15.
A painting made by Jan when the family when to China.
Joy Blanco- Balcita is the eldest daughter of Pitok. Her favorite subject are people of all ages and in different walks of life.
Nine year old Joy made a portrait about Higantes.

Santa Cruzan by Jan Blanco.

Handog kay San Isidro was made by Jan when she was 17 years old.

Pitok’s third son Michael started to draw at the age of 10. Among all the members of the family, Michael has the most outstanding portraits. His portraits are detailed, precise and full of life. Aside from portraits, he also excel in landscape and genres particular to the daily activities of his folks.

One of Michael’s portrait that shows activities of his folks. 
Escape to the Higher Grounds by Michael Blanco. 
Beginning of a New Day was painted by Michael at the age of 38.

Noel is the second son of Pitok. He loves all sorts of water form and mood. He consider it as his element and subject.

At the age of 17, Noel painted the Gantungan.

Naghihintay by Noel Blanco.
As the eldest son of Pitok, Glenn was challenged to follow the foot steps and standards of his father. As a young artists he joined local and international exhibits and contest. He loves to paint nature scenery and landscapes. He also mastered the art of drawing and painting tropical fruits, vegetable and flora of rare authenticity.

Harvest Tagaytay was painted by Glenn at the age of 20.

Venus of the Forest was made by Glenn at the age of 20.
Loreto Perez Blanco is the loving wife, support and nurturing guidance of the Blanco Family. She loves painting mature woman and mothers that incorporate her feelings and emotions towards raising their family.

Ang Aking Mga Apo by Loreto Blanco.

A portrait of a woman from Cordillera by Loreto Blanco.

Jose Blanco also known as Pitok Blanco is the head of the family. Pitok was born and raised in Angono, Rizal. He graduated in the University of Santo Tomas with the degree in Fine Arts. In 1971, He was able to showcase his work of art on a one-man show. It was also the year that he started to teach and impart his knowledge about art to his family. Pitok’s famous masterpiece is the “Angono Town Fiesta”. It is an oil mural painting that shows the jovial celebration of the San Clemente Festival.

Mural of a festival in Angono by Jose “Pitok” Blanco.
Carabao Festival in the eyes of Pitok Blanco.

Blanco Family Museum is open daily from 9 AM-12 PM and 1 PM to 5 PM. Admission Fee starts at Php 70.00 for children and senior citizen and Php 100 for adults.

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