Must Buy Pasalubong in Boracay

After days of exploring and enjoying the majestic island vibe of Boracay comes the heartbreaking feeling that you have to go back to reality or should I say, home, but, aside from that sad thought is the mind bothering battle of pasalubong ideas in your mind. “What pasalubong should you give to your Mom, Dad and other members of the family? and oh! don’t forget your friends and co-workers!” As much as possible you want to bring something unique and would suit the characteristics of the person that will receive it, right? Honestly, looking for a unique pasalubong in Boracay is hard to do. Stores on the island sell Boracay shirt, fridge magnet, keychain, sand bottles, puka shells, bags and capiz products. Almost all of the items look the same and the only difference is the price.
A few months ago, I also experienced the same dilemma when I was in Boracay. I am having a hard time looking for some unique pasalubong until I came across The General Store of Coast Boracay.
The General Store is situated at Coast Boracay. Coast Boracay is located at the  Beach Front of Station 2 in Boracay Island, Philippines. The General Store promotes and sells Filipino made products such as handicrafts, notebooks, earrings, perfumes, bags, toys and beachwear that are made, crafted, and manufactured by Filipinos from different municipality and regions of the Philippines.
Some of the items that can be bought at The General Store.
The first items that caught my attention at the General Store are the eye-catching and witty labeled perfume of Simoy ng Haraya.
Filipino romance inspired scents of Simoy Ng Haraya.
Simoy ng Haraya is part potion and part liquid poetry. It is composed of scents conceptualized and made by Lala de Leon. Every perfume in the bottle is labeled with catchy names that depict romance in the Filipino language like Sulyap or furtive glance, Kilig or romantic excitement, Gayuma or Love Potion and Alaala or the memory of the person you love. Along with the Filipino romance labels, are tanaga or traditional Filipino 4-line poem made by Angelo V. Suarez.
Simoy ng Haraya scents.
Another interesting item at The General Store is the artisan soaps of Soak.
Artisan soaps by Soak.
Soak offers homemade, artisan soap and bath time treat that are made with 45% olive oil, all natural, plant-based and cruelty-free. Every soap of Soak is designed according to dreams, people, nature, art and everything that we daily encounter. Aside from cleaning, Soak promises to give the usual bath time a twist by awakening the senses and releasing happy feeling in every use of their product.
Everyday soap designed to awaken the senses of the people who will use it.
As a toy lover, I wouldn’t miss the chance to buy at least one toy during my trips and luckily I saw one unique toy at The General Store that kids and child at heart will definitely love. These toys are called knitted plushies by Knitting Expedition.
Knitting Expedition provides opportunities to the mothers who farm in the rice terraces of the Ifugao region. They teach and sell the hand-knitted toys, homemade home accessories and wholly warmers made by the mothers from Ifugao.
Knitted dolphin plushies. (📸 Knitting Expedition)
Adorable knitted sea creatures plushies like dolphin, seal, starfish, whale and even mermaid are available at The General Store.
 Another must buy pasalubong at The General Store are the Philippine homegrown coffee of STEEP COFFEE BAGS.

Roasted coffee bean in a bag.

STEEP COFFEE BAGS promotes a new and easy way of brewing coffee. STEEP Coffee Bags only requires a cup and hot water in brewing coffee. Every coffee bags of STEEP has thin biodegradable coffee bags that enables the hot water to flow smoothly inside the bag when brewing the coffee. STEEP uses roasted coffee beans from different regions of the Philippines that are known to provide rich and distinct flavor and aroma.
Roasted coffee from Sultan Kudarat, Sagada, and Batangas.
Another all-natural product that I love at The General Store is from Happy Camper.
Kikay travel must-haves from the Happy Camper.
Happy Camper market all-natural and no preservative kikay travel necessity items such as cucumber or lemongrass hydrating face mist, anti-mosquito stick, bamboo balm and coco block or sunblock. Happy Camper based the shelf life of their products on the ingredients that they used.
The General Store indeed serves as a venue to purchase interesting items for pasalubong in Boracay and a place where homegrown Filipino artists and entrepreneurs can showcase their innovative, unique and eco-friendly products that Filipinos and foreigners will surely love.
To know more about The General Store, you may visit the following website and social media accounts:



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