Puratos My Bakery App Turns 1 with Improved and Convenient App for Bakers and Chefs

Launched on June 1, 2017, Puratos My Bakery App,  the 1st app in the baking industry, turns one this 2018. 
Puratos My Bakery App was conceptualized early 2015 with the aim of providing quality baking products and convenience to home bakers, pastry chefs, and artisans. In 2017, My Bakery App was launched and helped 3,000 bakers and chefs. 

Puratos My Bakery App enables domestic artisans, home bakers, online baking sellers and small bakery owners to know more details about Puratos products such as the product’s description, packaging size, and appearance. It also shows the product’s usage rates, recipes, and price. Aside from that, informative videos, helpful blogs, new trends in the baking industry and recipes are uploaded in the app, but, what’s best in Puratos My Bakery App is its feature to order from the app and with same day delivery. Orders placed from the app from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon is considered same day delivery with fixed delivery charges. Bakers can also locate the nearest Puratos retail outlet by using Puratos My Bakery App.

Puratos My Bakery App celebrated its 1st Birthday by introducing their improved version of the app last May 4, 2018, in Empire Bar at Venice. 

What to expect with My Bakery App Version 2?

Flexible Delivery and Pick Up Option

Puratos My Bakery App enables the users to choose their desired delivery schedule. Users can choose from Standard Delivery or delivery in three (3) working days and Express or same day delivery.

On the other hand, for those who prefer to pick up their orders online, they can choose the date when to get the goods that they ordered. 

Promo Code and Online Payment

Version 2 of Puratos My Bakery App consists of online payment for faster and convenient transactions. Aside from that, frequent users of the app can avail discounts by using Puratos My Bakery App.

Convenience at your Fingertips

Puratos My Bakery App version 2 is made more user-friendly for Purstos online customers. Recipes that can help bakers and artisans can be viewed in the app 24/7.

Locate Puratos Dealers Near You

A GPS-automated function is now available with Puratos My Bakery App version 2 to help bakers detect the location of local retailers within their area faster and more convenient.

Along with the launching of My Bakery App Version 2 is a cake decorating demo conducted by  Chef Rey Ann Tolentino and Gian Pau Lopez. 

The demo showcased Chef Tolentino and Lopez’ techniques in decorating cakes and the benefits of using Puratos products.
To know more about Puratos and My Bakery App, visit the following website and social media accounts:




Puratos My Bakery App is available on Google Play and AppStore.

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