Chocolate Dalgona

Since Dalgona is making waves in social media, variety of it has been made, some did matcha, others mixed it with milk tea and few even incorporate it with cake, but, since we are chocolate lovers we tried doing Chocolate Dalgona.

We tried twice, first one turned chocolate milkshake, instead of achieving either thick or fluffy chocolate topping, it turned syrup. The second one, achieved our desired thickness for chocolate dalgona.

Our first try turned into a chocolate syrup.
Here’s the ingredients and step by step instruction of our version of Chocolate Dalgona, you can follow as it is or alter some based on your preference.

🚨 How To Make Choco Dalgona 🚨

🍴 Ingredients

2 tablespoon Coco Powder or Milo
1 250 ml Fresh Milk
2 tablespoon Sugar
2 tablespoon hot Water
3 tablespoon All Purpose Cream

📝 Direction

1. Combine coco powder, sugar and water.

2. Beat the mixture using either a stand or hand mixer for about 1 minute

3. Add all purpose cream and mix again for 1 minute

4. Put the mixture in the fridge for about 30 minutes

5. Beat the mixture until it becomes thick or until it forms a ribbon

6. Put ice and milk on the glass.

7. Put the chocolate mixture on top of the iced milk.

You can also add wafer sticks, cookies, chocolate chips or coco powder for garnish.

Kids would surely love this treat!

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