5 Reasons to Travel with RELX Vape Pen

Traveling for some provides utmost relaxing experience, but, for other travelers their meaning of complete relaxation is enjoying great sceneries with a cup of coffee or cruising the sea with their e-cigarette.
Electronic cigarette or  vape is a device used to slowly quit the dependency with combustion cigarette. Unlike the latter, e-cigarette has variety of flavored juices that can be used depending on the user’s mood or taste. Gradual changes in nicotine level of juices is also possible with e-cigarette.
One of the fastest growing e-cigarette company right now is RELX. RELX stands for Responsibility, Emphaty, Leadership and (e)Xperience. Their main line of business consists of e-cigarette research and development, product design and sales. RELX vision is a cigarette free world. How? by empowering adult smokers with e-cigarettes that were made through ethical, technological innovation and design. 
For us, RELX e-cigarettes or vape pens provide the best features of an e-cigarette travel buddy. Why? Here’s the five reasons why we recommend you to join  RELX  Club and enjoy a worry free vacation with your e-cigarette!
1. HANDY to bring anytime and anywhere
RELX  starter kit is composed of  a RELX device in the color of your choice, a mint flavored liquid pod and usb cable for charging. The device is about 17g while an empty pod is 4g. It is lightweight, that when you grasp it, the feeling is like you are just holding a combustion cigarette or a pen. 
Another reason why it is handy, is you can just easily slid RELX vape pen on your bag or pocket without worrying that it would consume the space of your bag, the juice might spill, it will crumple or worst, it will torn into pieces. 
A pod is equivalent to 3 packs of combustion cigarette, so imagine just how many space this pod can provide you, especially when you travel.
Travelling with e-cigarette is also easy because it can be placed on your carry-on laguage.
RELX vape pen’s battery capacity is 350 mah or 150 to 200 puffs per charging cycle. A 45 minute battery lasts for 24 hours of heavy use.
Less charging time with RELX  means more time for discovering new places, start new adventure and enjoy a breath-taking scenery with your e-cigarette
3. Advanced LEAK-PROOF technology
RELX is devoted to provide adult smokers who want to quit using combustion cigarette with technological innovation and design by allocation $1.5 Million to their product’s research and development. 
One of this is RELX’s double-sealed leakage resistant feature. Having this feature, means you don’t need to worry that the pod’s juice will spill which admit it or not is messy.

All RELX e-liquid formulation are developed by senior and well respected chemists and flavor scientist.
RELX is powered with FEELM  3.0 Ceramic Coil Technology. FEELM is a black ceramic conductor that instantaneously vaporizes liquid with a puff. Having this means ultra smooth taste and stable e-cigarette performance.

Aside from FEELM technology, RELX  uses high quality, organic nicotine salt compound for softer throat hit and satisfaction. Using this also avoids throat hoarseness.
Once you snap the pod,  RELX vape pen is good to go! There’s no need to click any buttons or switches. No need to set up coils and put juice, that is a bit messy sometimes, or look for  matches or lighter to start smoking. 
RELX offers 2 levels of nicotine concentration- 3% and 5%. Since RELX  has nicotine content, it is subject to regulatory  restrictions as tabacco  and tabacco-derived product. As general rule the RELX vape pens are not recommended for underage individual, anyone who has severe allergies, sensitivity  or those with pre-existing health conditions, pregnant, nursing and  non-smokers.
Break the habit and join RELX CLUB NOW! and enjoy a worry free vacation with RELX vape pens!
To know more about RELX VAPE PENS you may visit them on the following social media account and website:


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