Baguio City: Arca’s Yard Cafe

It was my second day in Baguio City and all I want to do that day was to rest, unwind and try something new. Luckily, I have a friend who told me about a cafe in Ambuklao Road that has a relaxing ambiance with overlooking verandas and serve “camote” or sweet potato pie. Baguio CityContinue reading “Baguio City: Arca’s Yard Cafe”

Baguio City: Choco-Late de Batirol

Yummy dishes of Choco-Late de Batirol I am an avid chocolate fan and whenever there is a privilege to eat or drink one, I would grab the opportunity right there and then! So when a friend told me about Choco-Late de Batirol at Baguio City, we went to the latter as soon as I landContinue reading “Baguio City: Choco-Late de Batirol”

Elar’s Lechon: The Best Lechon in Manila

To be honest I am not an avid fan of lechon (roasted pig) but I’ve been craving for it for the past, hmmmm… let me see… past three days and that’s why during my work break I went straight to my favorite lechon place- Elar’s Lechon. From Espana, I took a 15 minute drive to 151Continue reading “Elar’s Lechon: The Best Lechon in Manila”

Stay Fit and Healthy with GO SALADS!

They say in order for you to lose weight you should follow the 70:30 ratio or 70% diet and 30% exercise. Diet or eating healthy and in moderation is still the key in order to achieve the body we’ve always wanted. That is why whenever I plan to loose a couple or more pounds, IContinue reading “Stay Fit and Healthy with GO SALADS!”


It’s been days since I am longing to eat ribs and I have to admit that I am an avid ribs fan. Lucky me, a friend of mine told me that I can savor my best-loved dish as many as I want and that means UNLIMITED! Hooray!!! Ribs, chicken, side  and drinks all you can!Continue reading “RBCTY: RIB SANITY AND UNLIMITED RIBS, CHICKEN, SIDES AND DRINKS”


Whenever I go home, I always pass by a little restaurant in our subdivision. The latter intrigues me because whenever I pass, they have lots of customers. So one day, me and my sister tried what this restaurant, Pizza Streat, has to offer. Pizza Streat is a small restaurant in De Castro Avenue, Pasig City.Continue reading “PIZZA STREAT: GOOD FOOD AND AFFORDABLE”

Quick Bites: Big B

Last Saturday, me and my Mom went to Sta. Mesa to pick up my Aunt, I was craving for burgers that day but don’t want to eat the usual burger offered by fast food chains that I can always eat when and wherever I am in Manila. Lucky me, we pass by Big B Burgers in Sta.Continue reading “Quick Bites: Big B”

The Bunny Baker Experience

As a gastronaut, I am always on the look  for dishes that will satisfy my taste buds and today is one of those days, except that I want to eat something cute. So I checked my instagram and zomato account to look for themed restaurants in Manila. I stumble upon pictures of bunnies with pinkContinue reading “The Bunny Baker Experience”

Buffalo Wild Wings Sandwiches and Burgers

Sunday, the best way to spend the last day of the weekend is with your friends, not just comrades, but long time college best buds.  It’s been three months since me and my friends saw each other and we had a lot of  “chika”or catching up to do,but, oh! before we started, we looked for aContinue reading “Buffalo Wild Wings Sandwiches and Burgers”


On my post Sunday Bonding at Buffalo Wild Wings, I mentioned that when me and my friends were looking for the perfect spot to eat, meaning all of us agreed on the food and ambiance, we saw a new restaurant in Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City where jeepneys , Philippine Public Utility Vehicle that are paintedContinue reading “SIMPLY FILIPINO: GERRY’S JEEPNEY”