Papa John’s Pizza: Super Veggie Cream Cheese Pizza

Have you heard about Papa John’s Newest Pizza? Papa John’s recently introduced their ultimate veggie pizza called Super Veggie Cream Cheese Pizza Super Veggie Cream Cheese Pizza has spinach cream cheese, and cheese sauce topped with mushrooms, black olives, green peppers, sweet ‘n juicy pineapple, onion & jalapeno and drizzled with special dressing and Papa’sContinue reading “Papa John’s Pizza: Super Veggie Cream Cheese Pizza”

Cravings Satisfied with Salmon HQ

Yesterday, I decided to surprise Dada with his favorite dishes – Salmon Sashimi and to make it extra special I got him a Premium Salmon Cake, sushi bake and Seafood Wafu Pasta from Salmon HQ. I ordered through Salmon HQ’s Facebook Page and received the order on my desired day and time. We fell in loveContinue reading “Cravings Satisfied with Salmon HQ”

Chicken Teriyaki Recipe using Del Monte Quick n Easy Teriyaki Marinade

We suddenly crave chicken teriyaki, but due to the rising cases of Covid, we opt to stay home and create our version of it. Good thing we always have Del Monte Quick n Easy Teriyaki Marinade! Making our version of Chicken Teriyaki is quick and easy to prepare and make. First, you need to prepareContinue reading “Chicken Teriyaki Recipe using Del Monte Quick n Easy Teriyaki Marinade”

Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Today is WORLD PLANT MILK DAY! World Plant Milk Day is an international day that celebrates plant-based alternatives to dairy milk.  To celebrate World Plant Milk Day, we will share to you a healthy and yummy breakfast treat that we love made with almond milk. It’s Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl 🥰 To make this,Continue reading “Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl Recipe”

Banana Overnight Oats with Vegtan Gold Soya Milk Powder.

Every day before I go to sleep, I always make sure to prepare one of my favorite healthy breakfast meals which is Banana Overnight Oats with Soya Milk. Making this is easy! All you need to do is add rolled oats on a glass or mason jar, add soya milk, sliced or mashed banana, honey,Continue reading “Banana Overnight Oats with Vegtan Gold Soya Milk Powder.”

Thai Green Curry Chicken

Traveling to different countries in Asia was supposed to be our goal this year as we want to uncover and taste flavorful dishes and cuisines in Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, India, and Indonesia. Sadly, due to the pandemic, we need to postpone our plans, stay at home, cook dishes from the said countries, and try toContinue reading “Thai Green Curry Chicken”

It’s Papa John’s Pizza Anniversary!

Hey foodies it’s Papa John’s  11th Anniversary!!!! And to celebrate their PizzAnniversary they launch their 11th Anniversary Pizza, FIVE CHEESE SPINACH! Five Cheese Spinach Pizza is a premium 12″ creamy Spinach pizza filled with Parmesan Cheese, Cream Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, real Mozzarella Cheese, and Papa John’s signature Cheese Sauce. Get Five Cheese Spinach Pizza withContinue reading “It’s Papa John’s Pizza Anniversary!”

Yellow Cab: Chicken Alfredo Pizza and Baked NY Hotdog

Hey Foodies! Have you checked these new and yummy treats from Yellow Cab! 🍕 CHICKEN ALFREDO PIZZA in NY-Style Thin Crust Following the success of Yellow Cab’s Charlie Chan Pizza is the launching of Chicken Alfredo Pizza which is another Yellow Cab pasta favorites turned into a pizza. Yellow Cab’s Chicken Alfredo Pizza comes inContinue reading “Yellow Cab: Chicken Alfredo Pizza and Baked NY Hotdog”

Coffee Jelly Salad Made Easy with Mr. Hat Gulaman Coffee

Since I become a stay-at-home Mom, I always make sure to learn and try new dessert recipe every week. This week, I learned how to make Coffee Jelly Salad. Making Coffee Jelly Salad is easy. All you need to do is make a coffee jelly and tapioca, slice some mangoes and add them to aContinue reading “Coffee Jelly Salad Made Easy with Mr. Hat Gulaman Coffee”

Benefits of Taking Glorious Coffee and Beverages with Stevia

For years people debate if coffee is good or bad for our health. Coffee received praises for its effectiveness in boosting physical performance and focus and reducing the risk of cancer and stroke. On the other hand, it is held accountable for insomnia, restlessness, high cholesterol, and aggravate diabetes. To date, one major concern aboutContinue reading “Benefits of Taking Glorious Coffee and Beverages with Stevia”