Elar’s Lechon: The Best Lechon in Manila

To be honest I am not an avid fan of lechon (roasted pig) but I’ve been craving for it for the past, hmmmm… let me see… past three days and that’s why during my work break I went straight to my favorite lechon place- Elar’s Lechon. From Espana, I took a 15 minute drive to 151Continue reading “Elar’s Lechon: The Best Lechon in Manila”

The Bunny Baker Experience

As a gastronaut, I am always on the look  for dishes that will satisfy my taste buds and today is one of those days, except that I want to eat something cute. So I checked my instagram and zomato account to look for themed restaurants in Manila. I stumble upon pictures of bunnies with pinkContinue reading “The Bunny Baker Experience”