Eight Must Try Team Building Activities at Tree Top Adventure

As you have noticed, Tree Top Adventure is one of our favorite adventure destination in Travel Eat Pinas. We featured Tree Top Adventure as a must visit destination in Subic, Zambales and we also gave you some tips about the must try zip line rides and activities in the park. What we didn’t inform youContinue reading “Eight Must Try Team Building Activities at Tree Top Adventure”

Get Fit and Healthy With Fit Cuisne

There is a saying that “We are what we eat.” Our food choices affect our daily routine, our life and most of all our health. The more we eat food rich in fat, salt, sugar and calories the more we fall into the pit of unhealthy lifestyle where different disease and sickness is waiting toContinue reading “Get Fit and Healthy With Fit Cuisne”

Cabalen Restaurant : Eat All You Want and Eat All You Can

No doubt that Filipinos love to eat. For decades A lot of restaurants have been sprouting, ¬†each of which provides different dishes from different culture and race. A lot of cuisines have been introduced to Filipino taste buds but nothing beats the traditional Filipino dishes that uses local ingredients. We at Travel Eat Pinas loveContinue reading “Cabalen Restaurant : Eat All You Want and Eat All You Can”

Hapag Heritage Cuisine

Do you still remember the dishes that your Grandmother used to serve you when you were a child? Those dishes with local ingredients and oozing with traditional Filipino flavor? Can you still remember how each spoonful of those delectable fares satisfied your appetite? Traditional Filipino dishes from Hapag Heritage Cuisine. We, at Travel Eat Pinas,Continue reading “Hapag Heritage Cuisine”

Philippine National Museum : National Art Gallery

For Travel Eat Pinas, the best way to know yourself is to have an idea about your past and the excellent way to know ourselves, about being a Filipino, is to travel back in time through the painting, sculpture, mural, and artifacts found in the National Museum of the Philippines. The National Museum of theContinue reading “Philippine National Museum : National Art Gallery”


Have you heard about RAVE PASIG? Relax and unwind in RAVE PASIG. RAVE, Rainforest Adventure Experience, PASIG CITY is a Rainforest Park where people from the Metro can relax, unwind, exercise, bond with family and friends and celebrate special occasions. Welcome to Rainforest Adventure Experience Park, Pasig City. RAVE is located at F. Legaspi Avenue,Continue reading “10 MUST TRY ATTRACTION IN RAVE PASIG CITY”

5 Must Have Travel Kits at My Home and Gadgets

The best way to start the first month of the year is to do the things that you love the most and for Travel Eat Pinas the best way to start January is to travel. Exploring different places in the Philippines enables us to be amazed at how beautiful the Philippines is, learn about ourContinue reading “5 Must Have Travel Kits at My Home and Gadgets”

Taisho Ramen and Teppanyaki House

Ramen is a modern adaptation of Chinese dish that was introduced in Japan about a century ago and now known as a Japanese cuisine that is flourishing in Asia and nearby countries. Chamen Ramen of Taisho Ramen and Teppanyaki House In the Philippines, Japanese Restaurants that specialize in Ramen are sprouting and each of thisContinue reading “Taisho Ramen and Teppanyaki House”


Calling all Korean lovers out there! Gangnam Wings, a Korean Resto-Sports-Bar, opened last December 10 at the Mega Strip of SM Megamall Building A to let Filipinos savor what authentic Korean dishes really taste like. To kick off 2017, Gangnam Wings and Travel Eat Pinas will give a dinner for two this coming January 29,Continue reading “WIN A DINNER FOR TWO WITH GANGNAM WINGS AND TRAVEL EAT PINAS”

Gangnam Wings: Best Korean Restaurant in Manila

Last December 10, Gangnam Wings, a Korean Resto-Sports-Bar opened at the Mega Strip of SM Megamall, Building A, in Ortigas, Pasig City to let Filipinos savor authentic Korean dishes. Gangnam Wings is a Resto-Sports- Bar that aims to provide Filipinos “The Best Korean Chicken” in Manila.¬† Gangnam Wings is part of the Riley Food CorporationContinue reading “Gangnam Wings: Best Korean Restaurant in Manila”