Victoria Court’s Night of Mystery

Last October 31, Victoria Court reinvented the usual Halloween Parties and gave its guests a brand new Halloween excitement through Night of Mystery.  Night of Mystery has four activities in separate suites at Victoria Court Pasig. The activities include  Board Games, Costume Party,  Movie Marathon and Mystery Games. Victoria Court partnered with DyceNDyne to giveContinue reading “Victoria Court’s Night of Mystery”

Chef Victoria Unveils Her Unique and Delectable Menu for Victoria Court

Last Tuesday, I went to Victoria Court Hill Crest, Pasig City to witness the launching of Chef Victoria’s new, unique and delicious dishes. The launch was held at their Cirque Suite at the Panorama Station. It was my first time to visit Victoria Court’s themed Suite and all I can say upon entering it wasContinue reading “Chef Victoria Unveils Her Unique and Delectable Menu for Victoria Court”