Eight Must Try Team Building Activities at Tree Top Adventure

As you have noticed, Tree Top Adventure is one of our favorite adventure destination in Travel Eat Pinas. We featured Tree Top Adventure as a must visit destination in Subic, Zambales and we also gave you some tips about the must try zip line rides and activities in the park. What we didn’t inform youContinue reading “Eight Must Try Team Building Activities at Tree Top Adventure”


Tree Top Adventure is the only “Team Building” facility in the Philippines with motorized activities plus different kinds of Zip┬áline adventure and more activities in the heart of nature; Superman, Canopy, Tree Drop, Silver Surfer, Free Fall, Funicular, Trekking, Skywalk and many more to be added. The vision came from the expertise of the ownerContinue reading “LITERALLY FEEL THE THRILL AT TREE TOP ADVENTURE!”